Canberra Girls' Programming Network

The Canberra branch of GPN Australia

Announcing the June 2019 Canberra Girls' Programming Network Workshop


The Canberra Girls’ Programming Network is a community for female students to learn about computer programming and technology through hands-on workshops. It gives girls exposure to female role models across academia, government and industry.

Our next workshop will be held on June 02 2019!

Please register now by going to the registration page and returning your completed forms to ASD.


Keeping your secrets is just plain hard! Especially if you have nosy people in your family who won’t stop snooping around.. Make a security chatbot that will keep your secrets safe and trick any snoops lurking around. Only people with the real password will be able to acces the secrets.


University of Canberra, University Dr, Bruce ACT 2617


  • Sunday, June 02
  • Please arrive by 9:45am for registration
  • Workshop begins at 10am
  • Parents and teachers invited at 3:30pm
  • Conclude by 4pm


Female students from grades 4 to 12.

What do I need to know

Absolutely no coding experience necessary! We cater for girls of all programming skill levels.


You’ll need to register to attend. Please fill out the application form here and return it to ASD.

Registrations will close once fully subscribed.

You will receive information and confirmation via email prior to the workshop day.

Have questions you would like a Canberra GPN tutor to answer? Send us an email at